Citor Desalinators and Water Treatment equipment recommend using UV Guard UV Systems for ease of use, peace of mind, and reliability, they have 316 SS Chambers and treat flows from 5 ltrs /min- 513 ltrs / min . See details below

Seawater Desalinators

Citor manufactures a range of Seawater Desalinators suitable for both private and commercial vessels. Our emphasis is on quality, reliability, and ease of operation and maintenance, while still incorporating sophisticated control and automatic features.

Brackish Water Desalinators

Brackish Water Desalinators supply fresh drinking water for bores, wells, mining, pastoral, and industry in general.

Mains Water & Low Salinity Desalinators

Mains Water and Low Salinity Desalinators produce high purity water for laboratories, power stations, chemical manufacturers, hydroponic facilities, car washes, and the printing industry.