Citor have proven over the last five years to be consistently reliable in providing prompt and customer focussed services relating to water purification for several mining projects; including supply of very cost effective solutions and reliable good quality plant that is easy to maintain.

Kevin Dockery

- Consistent, Reliable and Focussed Services

Our House in Nusa Lembongan, Bali has superior drinking water than our Perth Home; this is due to the company that supplied and installed our unit “Citor Desalinators” the expert knowledge and quality of installation service could not be faulted. The expertise of Alan Hansen from purchasing to commissioning the unit has made a process easy.

I would recommend Citor Desalinators for any commercial or residential development that wants the best available advice, service, installation and reliability that comes from a company that cares.

Pauline Tew

- My Hotel and Jewel Hospitality