The size and capacity of desalinators, storage tanks and pressure systems ranges from small to very large to suit any requirements.

Size of the Feed Pump will depend on the suction lift from the water source and the distance between the Feed Pump and the Desalinator.

The Feed Pump and Desalinator may be operated manually or automatically by optional float switch.

Each package includes the following (refer to island installation diagram)

CITOR Seawater Desalinator (nominated capacity)

5m³ – 18m³ – 35m³ – 60m³ – 120m³ – 240m³

Feed Pump (delivers seawater to Desalinator via Prefilter)

A standard Feed Pump is suitable for most sites where heights, distances & tidal variations are minimal. If the proposed site for installation has unusual characteristics, a different style or model may be required. A ‘mud map’ will enable the correct Feed Pump to be supplied.

Screen with Foot Valve

This is on the suction-side of the Feed PUmp & may have to be varied (like Feed Pump) in style and/or length.


The type & flow capacity is matched to the flow rate of the Desalinator. Smaller capacity Units can be pleated cartridge (washable cartridges) or multimedia backwashable styles. For example, simlar to those used in swimming pools. All of the Desalinators(35m³ capacity upwards) will have the multimedia style.


This includes Pump Oil, Membrance Cleaner & Steralizer, Filter Bags (or Cartridges); Vee Belts etc – sufficient for approx. 12 months operation of the Desalinators.

Cubic Metres Per 24 Hours Power Including Feed Pump
2 3.1 KW
3.6 3.1 KW
5 3.1 KW
18 6.55 KW
35 15.5 KW
60 25 KW
120 50 KW
240 100 KW


Additional Equipment Available

  • Storage tanks – modular, assembled onsite
  • Pressure Systems – to distribute the fresh water
  • Automatic Chlorinator – on the Fresh Water line
  • Ultra – Violet Sterilizers for the fresh water

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